Increasing Longevity of Infusion Sets

Recently started using the Mio infusion sets with my Minimed revel. Love the sets in general, but wanted to know if there is anyway to make them last longer than 2 days. I am VERY active; I generally work out twice in a day and shower 2 times per day as well. As a result, by the second day, the tape is starting to peel back. I have ordered some Skin Tac and hope that will do the trick, but does anyone have any other suggestions? Is there a way to use Tegederm around the set but in a way that still allows you to disconnect?

Tried a couple of Mio’s, still like quicksets. If I remember, quickset has bit more tape than mio? Anyway, what I do as I also work out 1 to 2 times a day, in addition to yard work, house work, etc. And then there is the summer and the river and swimming. SkinTac applied before insertion, (not skin prep), insert, do fixed prime, unhook, and use skin tac pad to soak top of tape of quickset, hit it with a blow dryer for a bit to help it set, rehook and off I go. And after showering, I use a blow dryer to help dry the site again before rehooking.
Now spending the day in the river, then I get the mastisol and use q-tip and saturate the tape and edges, again use blow dryer to help it set, and hope all stays together. I will also use the mastosol (or skin tac) along the edges if they begin to peel before the 3rd day. But if you do this, make sure the area/tape is dry first before you apply the mastisol. I could get the quickset to stay connected for 3 days most of time last summer when spending entire days wet at Schlitterbahn, multiple days in a row.

I have used a small tegaderm (6 X 7 cm) and use a scisors to cut a hole in it. I disconnect, apply skin prep then the tegaderm and then reconnect. Its good for a week if you want to leave it in that long, but for me generally 2 or 3 days