Incredibly Inspiring Video About Using the term "Disabled"

There is plenty to learn from Aimee Mullins here and I could not stop watching, sharing a lot of the same feelings Aimee does about the word “Disabled”. It was a breath of fresh air knowing that other people out there are living and thriving with the challenges life throws at them. I encourage you to see for yourself, you won’t be able to stop watching this! (Click the link on the word diabled to view)

As someone involved in disability rights and advocacy, I wish the rest of the world thought this way about everyone!

I love how she said that when she was a child she would trade for flesh and bone legs but now she’s not so sure. I have said it before that I am glad that I was diagnosed with diabetes because it has made me the person I am today. Not to say that I wouldn’t take a cure or don’t wish that i couldn’t get rid of it now… but I am not upset that i have it.

I totally agree with you Billy! I have embraced diabetes as part of shaping my life today and think that I am a better person for it.

I too was inspired by others who were told they were disabled. Living a life that others see as having obstacles has helped me in my journey through life.

This is an amazing and inspirational video. I learned that adversity, often avoided, carries with it the opportunity for powerful and positive change. As Aimee talks about Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, she reminds us that it is not the smartest or strongest who survive. It is the individuals who embrace adversity and use it to adapt that survive and thrive.

This video is well worth the 30 minutes or so to view it end to end.

Thank you for watching Terry!

A great place to follow those , who participate in the Paralympic Games ,Vancouver 2010 starting Friday , including the Torch Relay
I am thinking of our own Canadians Terrry Fox , who did create so much awareness , not only for living with cancer, but also showing the world, that he did a daily marathon with one artificial leg …and Rick Hansen , who went around the world in his wheelchair .
I read some of the Torchbearers bio’s and each story is so inspiring .
Thanks for posting this , Mike

Great video. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks bro

I wish I could contact Aimee. My twin sister had a below the knee amputation 9/2008. When she finally healed and got over her many complications she received her prosthetic 12/09. I understand Aimee’s message. What broke my heart was her ability to know the right people to create 12 pairs of beautiful legs that allow her to walk again.
My sisters prosthetic isn’t anything natural looking. It is heavy, hard to use, very difficult to put on and is difficult to become independent. Oh how I wish Aimee could meet my sister. I would ask her to help her get the very best leg prosthetic so she can get her life back. I know how grateful we would all be.

If Aimme reads this, if I could reach her I would do anything to have Aimee by my sister’s side and get the prosthetic she really wants and needs. It is my love for my sister and wish that the time she has here be made just a little easier. Thank you for this video of Aimee.
Thank you for listening. Ann

Thank you for the video !!!

Ann, I googled Aimee Mullins name , after I read your response : there are contact numbers given on her page …hope this is useful …I wish I would be more computer savvy and just show “them” here …maybe someone else can help OR can you check it out ??

Ann, there is inspiration all around us. It’s in books and real life. Your sister has my sympathy I can only imagine how she feels. As a child what helped me was books about what were considered obstacles that people had to overcome. It will take a while for her to realize that she is more then her, what others consider her obstacle.

Thank you so much for sharing… Extremely powerful.

Hi Ann, I concur with Nel! There are some resources regarding prosthetics towards the bottom of Aimee’s contact page. I think they may be worth a look!

Thank you for your comments & help. I could not find a phone #, e-mail etc. on line to contact her. Can anyone help? Thank you Ann

Hi Ann, here was the info from Aimee’s site, there really wasn’t a way to contact her directly. It was all through agents and doctors.


Dorset Orthopaedic, Ltd (UK)
Bob Watts, Prosthetist

SCOPe (Southern California Orthotics & Prosthetics)
Wayne Wilkerson, Prosthetist

Ossur Prosthetics

Good start Mike; I like to add : " Speaking engagements " , Washington Speakers Bureau : Tony D’Amelio and press inquiries: Jill Wolfe, Oliver Simpson .

Ann, I like to think , that someone may help to get you to her at least via e-mail .

Can’t stop these diabetics!!! :slight_smile: