Independence Day for those who know the meaning of Interdependence

"The air. The soft quality of the air, and most of all the smells. I feel very at home here, and memories flood me everytime I take a breath. No where else has the same mix of smells as West Africa.".............Za in Nigeria

“The love of one’s country is a splendid thing. But why should love stop at the border.”…Pablo Casals

I believe that as folks with diabetes, we are daily made aware of our interdependence through evey cell in our bodies. And that if we haven’t already figured out how important is the feeling of caring for and about all kinds of people who don’t look like us, as well as the ones who do, well then, it can grow from the need to figure out how the heck to take care of ourselves. For, as TuD demonstrates so well: we need each other…

“On the Edge of Time we are warm and glowing. Alive with the rituals of time.
We are stillpoints. So wonder transforms and compassion makes kin of us all.
We are people made of stardust. Listening to the music of a sunrise. Of moth wings.
On the Edge of Time there is no dogma. No other.
Only hearts that yield to Life.
And Dance.”…Judith

Any thoughts, friends? Or a favorite quote or experience in this vein?..

Thanks for sharing these thoughts Judith!

A good reminder :slight_smile:

While independence has its important too, COMMUNITY and INTERDEPENDENCE must not be given up in the pursuit of independence.

Judith! Is that your beautiful daughter? As I have said before, I know you are so very proud of her.
Thanks for your lovely words and thoughts.
Hope all is well with you.