Individually packages BG test strips

Buon Giorno, mi chiamo Adele, sono di Australia and i have being noticing that everywhere else in the world, people have their test strips in little pods or containers where as mine are all individually packaged which makes for more work and excessive rubbish. I'm just wondering whether other countries package their test strips individually, and why Australia uses this method rather than pods and containers. Health and safety rules maybe? i don't know heres a pic, and the key tone strips look the same except in purple packaging.

one of my friends lives in the usa and her strips come like this too. i suppose it is better for the "health" of the strips. when i was dx, my D nurse stressed the importance of closing the little bottle immediately to maintain the strippity goodness and accuracy.

It depends on the brand of strips. The abbott strips you are using come individually wrapped. These strips are also more expensive.

Other strips (I use one touch select) come in a pack of 25 strips. They have an expiry date 6 months after opening.

thats interesting, i'll have a look at the other brands packaging but I'm pretty sure they're all packaged like this(i work in a pharmacy)each box(100 strips) costs $15.90 and that only lasts me just over 2 weeks if i test on an average of 6 times a day, however that as we all know varies. It would be interesting to compare the prices of other brands of bg monitors and their test strips.

Some types of test strips are more sensitive to humidity than others. So they may come packaged 25 or 50 to a bottle with dessicant in the lid, or may be individual foil wrapped.

I used the foil wrapped kind for a couple years 15 years ago and still find the wrappers in obscure corners of the house or as bookmarks!

ahahahh wow thats so cool, great idea for a bookmark :)

I live in Denmark and I've used that exact type of strips for my FreeStyle Precision meter. They cost 388 DKK ($61.42) for 50 strips. Now I use Accu-Chek Aviva strips, for my Accu-Chek Aviva Combo meter, which come all bunched together in a cylinder of 50 strips at a price of 406.50 DKK ($64.35).
I've only seen Abbott strips packed like that. :)

Australia subsidises all strips from free to max $15.90/100. Depending if you are employed/unemployed or pensioner
I use accuchek and they are just lose in a cylinder as a group

I should probably note that I get 3600 strips a year for free on the national health insurance. The price on my receipt when I order more says "confidential", so I guess the Danish health service has some sort of agreement with the supplier to get a lower price, so I can't really say how much money is exchanged for the strips I get.

abbott freestyle lite comes in a little container usually in 25, 50 , and boxed 2containers of 50 for the 100 count