Inexpensive Cell Phone & Plan for Dexcom

My first CGM (quasi) was the Free-Style teemed with my Moto/Android. My new & better Endo, moved me to the Dexcom G6. They were NOT compatable, & Consumer Cellular had Apple iPhones for a great price, well under $200. (might have been a refurb?) I bought the protection plan.

The move to the G6 saved me about $75 a month, in out-of-pocket costs (medicare, DME sourced) for the G6 sensors. I took the savings & bought an Apple watch. I set it up so I get my CGM readings on my Apple watch, just by looking at it.

I set it all up so my watch shows the CGM reading, day, date, time, & weather, it also shows icons to do a single lead ECG & another for heart rate. My watch also by tapping the CGM reading, I get a graphic display of my current & glucose readings over the past a 1, 3, or 6 hrs. I use the infograph modular watch display mode.

One weird feature is I can reject or answer my cell phone calls from my watch. Not only that I can listen and talk on my phone call via my WATCH! I bet I get wild looks from some, seeing me a (thinking, a nut case?) listening & talking to his watch. It’s like an old 50/60s? era Dick Tracy SiFi thingy.

I guess I am WIRE’D, so 2 speak

PS the G6 has ALARMS, both LOW & HIGH which are especially handy for me.

I loved that talking on the phone on Get Smart