Infected CGM sites

We are having a problem this hot summer with CGM sites becoming infected, even if we leave it on the 3 recommended days. We are getting little infected pimples under the tape. (Tegaderm) Anybody else dealing with this or have any suggestions?

Where is the CGM site? My son uses Dexcom and when he followed the rules and put it on the stomach it would come unstuck within a couple days, and also got infected as water was getting in under the patch. We tried all kinds of remedies and nothing worked. Now my son puts it on his upper arm and that solves the problem, and readings are just as accurate (or at times, inaccurate, as they were before). The patch stays on where it belongs with less motion I think so the probe is not irritating him. We used to get infected pimples when he wore it on the belly but no longer now that it is on the arm. It stays on the full 7 days with no problem too. If you decide to put it on the arm be aware you need to position it a certain way (lengthwise as the arm runs). Also you need a nice fatty region (we put it on the outer part of the upper arm, around where the t shirt ends), just a little toward the back.

We’ve had a couple of infected sites in the past 1 1/2 years . One this summer. We secure the pod with the nexcare waterproof tape too. Usually the site will be a little red just at the insertion site, but as soon as we take it off my son starts scratching it and makes it worse. Just make sure you’re are cleaning the site well. Is it a heat rash? We are in Texas and we’ve had temps over 100 for the past 2 months nearly everyday. Our problem with the heat is I think our insulin isn’t staying good if my son is outside a lot. His numbers have been higher and his A1C took a big jump.