Infected Parotid Gland

Has anyone had problems with the large saliva gland on each side of your face becoming infected? Since August it has happenned on my left side and now on my right side. the ENT indicates that diabetics are more prone to have this happen. The cure is antibioctics (sp?) and iodine drops (awful after-taste).

It took about 2 months for the left side to completely heal itself.

I’m not sure this will apply to what you have. About 4-5 years ago I had an infection in salivary gland on the left side. I was told it was a type of stone (never told me if it had a name). Anyway I was hospitalized for about 2 days and given intervenious antiobiotics. That seemed to help clear it but it was temporary. So eventually I had an operation and they removed what they called a stone.

Well, when it happened on the left side that was the 1st thing the ENT thought plus a possible blockage. Fortantely, it was neither and I just had to let it resolve itself which took almost 2 months. Now the right side. Same approach. If no improvement another MRI and go from there.

I hope it does resolve itself as the other side did. With Diabetes there are always those bumps in the road.


I’ve had 3 bouts of passing salivary gland stones over the past 5-6 years. Amazingly painful but easy to understand, at least for me. It happens when the weather is warm, if I’m dehydrated, if I eat too many calicum-filled foods or any combination of these. Not sure if they’re diabetes related although at this point it wouldn’t surprise me.

What works for me is tremondous amount of water (add some lemon), warm compresses and, for some reason, dandelion tea…which can also help when dealing with other stones. The longest I’ve had to deal with passing one was about a week and I’m fortunate to have not developed any kind of infection.

I’d be curious to know how they relate to diabetes, if you have any information to share. Good luck.

Will do…I never heard of this gland getting infected but then to have it happen on each side of the face within 6 months is scary. I was stunned when the ENT said that diabetics are more prone to it. I have researched it and haven;t found any link in the material to back this statement up.

I wish it was just a stone at this point. It takes about 3-4 months for the gland to return to pain-free. Right now it’s painful to the touch and causes the facial nerves to be quite senstive on that side of the face. The worst part is taking iodine drops 3X daily as it leaves an awful metalic taste in your mouth all day.

Some info states that if either gland gets repeatedly infected it may need removal…kepping my fingers crossed I don’t reach that point ever!