Infected site from insert of pump - how does this happen and how do we stop it from happening?

My daughter has recently had a couple infected sites on her stomach from her inserts, not sure if she is leaving it in to long or what?? (Usually 2/3 days) She showers daily and we have been using neosporin for it, but I think we will be calling the doctors today. Anyone with any advice or experince with this and how to prevent it or clear it up?? Thanks.

Sounds like you are doing a lot right already, and changing it every 2-3 days is really good. I once forgot to take out an old site, and it was in for about 5 days, man was that painful. Make sure the site is clean before you put it in, and make sure that the sites are not next to eachother (I usually switch from side to side of my body). It’s good that you are talking to the doctor though, maybe she needs a new type of set.

I have to change every 2 days. Don’t go within a square inch of a site within one month. This means a lot of rotating, and sticking in places I’m not really fond of, such as thighs, but oh well. I use Emla cream (lidocaine/prilocaine) so I don’t feel anything when I change. I also keep a written list of when I change, and approximate location.

OMG, this happened to me recently, too. See

I suppose it’s inevitable once in a while when we keep sticking ourselves ;(