Information wanted from people using the CGM to read your bloodsugars

Is it used like a pump inserted in the stomach? Is there a video to see how it is used? The cost? etc.



Read the manual online.
A sensor (fine coated half-inch wire) is inserted, into an area of fat one chooses, with an introducer. Dexcom’s is the smallest size introducing needle that I know of. A small unbulky 1.5 inch x 1inch x 1/4 or 3/8 inch high plastic holder is held onto the area by its own tape. It holds a smaller size transmitter. That’s all that’s on the body. The receiver which collects the information can be anywhere within 4-5 feet & it can connect to your computer for lovely charts.
You do not decrease your normal testing. A CGM’s information is about 15 minutes behind blood glucose testing since it is testing the glucose of interstitial/cellular fluid, not capillary blood.

Here is a YouTube video with Kerri Sparling doing a Dexcom sensor change.

As far as cost, that would depend on your insurance coverage. For cash price, Dexcom often has specials where you can buy the Dexcom for about $1,000. Sensors from Dexcom are about $300. I thought I read that price went up to $325 but I can’t find where I read that. You get 4 sensors in a box. A lot of people manage to get more than the 7 days out of them so it is possible those 4 sensors could last you 2 months. But, not everyone can get the extended use out of sensors so there is no guarantee that you would.

To see Dexcom in real time, go on YouTube and search for Dexcom. A lot of people give demonstrations on how to insert, Restart, etc. I find the videos particularly useful.

I hope this link will help you answer some of your questions …other brands are not offered in Canada.
I wear the CGMS and use my legs , stomach . I have seen others use the upper arms as well . MM has an 1-800 number provided. My transmitter is close to 2 years in use ; not sure the cost of it at this moment. The sensors , which I get through Safeway Pharmacy are $ 444.00 for 8 . In Canada you likely would be trained to use the system , as that’s how it is for everyone I know here in the Okanagan , BC .
My pump Nurse shared with me less than one week ago , that she has not been trained on the Veo pump yet…she will have to write an exam .