Infrared for neuropathy?

Has anyone tried infrared therapy for neuropathy? I can feel my feet, no tingling, but I am having trouble with balance, and my doctor suggested it may be helpful.

Hi Diabetic Dad, I am sorry I have not tried Infrared for Neuropathy but I am getting Prolotherapy, this is very effective and will allow me to either decrease or remove the medication I take now for it. I have had two treatments so far. I hope that there is someone on here that has tried infrared therapy and can let you know if it was helpful or not. Good luck

Not sure on getting treatment for balance, but I do train it as I find it makes me a better rider. I once read a report on it which basically had us barefoot with raising one leg about a foot off the ground and balancing on one leg for as long as possible. When you can't just switch to the other. And keep doing it till you can stand there like that for a minute or so. The longer the better. Originally was pretty awful at it, but over time and work find it a simple fix and my balance is way better now. After all, balance is mostly brain doing micro movements at controlling our bodies and ear related I believe.