Infusion disconnect while showering

Do I need to attach the infusion set disconnect cover while showering? Does anyone use this cover on the Inset?

I've been using the Animas Ping pump for about 8 years now and have never used, nor have I ever heard of, the disconnect cover. I would conclude that it is not necessary. I've never had any problems from my infusion set getting wet in the shower.

Not sure which pump you use but, for me, yes. I just figure it's smart to use the cover to prevent an risk of contamination/infection. I use the Minimed Paradigm pump with the Silhouette infusion set. With each set there are little plastic parts that the connector.

I just started the t:slim pump with the Inset infusion set.

Not necessary. If you were to disconnect while at the beach, perhaps. It would cut down on the possibility of getting sand into the site.

I used to use them. Not any more. I’ve tried a few infusion sets; and none of the others that I tried had these little plugs.

You don't have to use the disconnect cover. However, out of an abundance of caution I use the clip 99% of the time.

I also use the Silhouette infusion sets and usually find myself with a surplus of disconnect clips. I keep one in the medicine cabinet and another in a snack size zipper bag in my shirt pocket for convenience.

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Hi Anthony, I always use the little plastic plug to keep water,liquid body soap,shampoo from possibly getting in there. Trying to be proactive. How do you like your t-slim? I've had a mini-med paradigm now for 4 years & like it pretty well.

Been type I for 21 years and the t:slim was the only pump that made me switch from MDI. I love it so far. Very thin and compact. A pump that looks and functions like one should in 2014.

I only use the cover when I am getting in water or an environment where I could get exposed to something (dirt or bacteria) that could present a problem. A good example of when I have used them is at a lake where we go that has a beach and swimming. Showers I have never worried about and have never had an issue. I don't worry about soap getting in there as the internal design pretty much prevents it but also I always angle it down anyway.


Hey, I use the animas pump and sometimes I use it and other times I don't. It gets water behind it which does not seem to matter so I don't bother much. The water can not get through the seal that the needle in the infusion set goes into when connected so I have never had any trouble not using it. Mostly I loose them.


I agree completely with Mike's experience.

Yep. That's exactly what I do. I have one in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and a couple of backups (in case I'm traveling or if I keep the cover on and end up having to need a replacement in the bathroom.) I just stay consistent, so that there is one less possible factor should something happen.

I have the minimed pump, and I do not use the cover while showering. I was told when I got my pump that it doesn't need to be worn when showering, but to definitely wear it when swimming in a pool or the ocean, etc.

Well, we're about evenly split aren't we, but here's another hand raised on the Nope side, not for showering anyway. Took me a while to figure out what those little extra things in the infusion set box were. I do use it for swimming.

I wear my pump whenever I am swimming too.

Another nope here. The Dr. specifically told me I didn't need to use it for a shower. But that I should use it for swimming. I do keep one in my case with my meter just in case I should ever need it. I use the Medtronic Revel.

i don't

I always wear the little cover when showering. Don't like to take for granted that water is not going to sneak in there. My daughter never wears it when she showers. Different strokes for different folks!

Been pumping 14 years and don’t use it while showering. I was told the infusion set was self sealing.

The Inset cover doesn't actually seal things up--while showering, I get just as much water in the little channels when I use it as when I don't. The infusion set itself has a seal, like the top of an insulin vial, through which the connector needle penetrates, and that's what keeps shower water from diluting your insulin/leaking into you, or your insulin or bodily fluids from leaking into a pool. So the cover might reduce contamination, e.g. from sand, but it doesn't seem to do much about liquid.

Conversely, I wish the Insets came with a cover for the disconnected tubing connector like some infusion sets do. When I shower, it'd be nice to be able to snap something onto the disconnected tubing connector to make it more likely to stay clean.