Infusion marks

My 8 year old get these little red marks from her infusion sets has anyone else found some cream or something to reduce these? She changes her sites every 3 days and rotates from belly, belly, butt,butt.
Any comment would be helpfull.



Hi Paul, I put a drop or two of melaleuca oil on each of mine. I do NOT have sensitive skin at all, so nothing really bothers me. I also am a huge fan of “essential oils”. I put Lavender on my sensor and infusion sites many times as well. Lavender has many excellent benefits for the skin. I use therapeutic grade essential oils. Not that 1.99 stuff you can buy anywhere. If you need further info on any essential oils, email me.
I wish you and your daughter much success.


I would just have to add the warning, please test any EO you intend to use on the skin somewhere that is NOT an open wound. I am highly allergic to several EO’s… for me it would be a very very very bad thing to do.

EO=Essential Oil.
You are correct. In fact, taken one more step, test anything. Seems some people are allergic to almost everything, even nature. If one were to test for allergies using infusion sets, some would find they can’t do that because of allergies to adhesives or latex. I know of a person who must continue on MDI for just that reason.

I hope you find a successful remedy for your daughter Paul.