Infusion Set Bad Luck

Friday was a bad infusin set day. That morning I changed my pump like normal, and everything went fine. Later on the adhesive became loose, so I put tape all around it. Eventually it comes out. (This is all happending while me and my band are playing music for the youth group) So I call home get a new infusin set, and my BGs fine everythings good. Then me and my friends go to Canes (local fast food) and I realize the site came out. AGAIN. I eat without taking any insulin (not a very good idea, i know) my ride home is my friend’s bro, so I wait. 60 long minutes later I have a new set, and to my suprise my sugars stayed between the 80-160 range the whole day.

hmm… impressive! although, I don’t suggest doing it otherwise (of course, you know that!).

Hi James! I used to have problems with the quickset falling out. I prefer the infusion sets that you put in on an angle. Check out the Inset30.

Hope that you don’t have any more fall out!