Infusion set site

Guys, can someone advise me what I’m doing wrong. I have continuous troubles with infusion set almost every day. When my sugars go out of the control, I start to change the set and see the catheter is kinked or with air bubbles inside… I tried 9 mm in the buttock it works 1-2 days and I change set again. I also tried 6 mm in abdomen, and my sugar wasn’t under control. Could you please help me what to do, which site to apply the set I am thin and skinny, don’t have fat in my stomach.


Lucky you! (For not having fat in your tummy :slight_smile: Have you tried the inset 30? It’s for thinner people. I was using the inset 90 and it left me bruised and sore so I just order the angeled insets and am going to try those. Also, maybe it’s the insulin getting too warm or cold?

could you be inserting the sets into scar tissue or sites that don’t absorb well? I know that my thighs don’t absorb well at all, and when i use certain spots on the butt the extra pressure from my clothing and laying down at night will make the site go bad within 2 days. also, are you waiting till the insulin is room temperature before you fill the cartridge? cold insulin can cause more air bubbles. good luck!

Ask for samples of the Sure-T infusion set! It is meant for people with your body type. The cannula is metal instead of plastic, but I use it and find it MUCH more comfortable. I also love not needing to worry about kinked cannulas.

I am with Kristin …we have the 2 lengths available in Canada…the 6 mm and 8 mm needle Sure-T’s . One does not require the need of an inserter . I would prefer a longer tubing and I plan to keep on asking MM .

Hi Denys,


Our old member _Dave has turned so many people onto these I couldn’t count them all (and I’m fairly decent at math…). Lots of folks who’ve had trouble with plastic catheters wind up with good results using the steel catheter of the Sure-T. Ask for a sample and give it a go.

Cheers and good luck!

I just went to the sure-T about 6 days ago, after many problems with infusion sets. So far, I haven’t had a single issue with the Sure-T.

Thank you very much for the advice.

I got a lot of useful information.

Yes, we should start a club about spreading the wonderful news about Sure-T!

just about 5 monthes. Thank you very much for help