Infusion set

What infusion set do you use? What infusion sets did you use in the past or try? What did you like or dislike about them?

I use the inset infusion set. I LOVE them because they come in colors and are self-contained with an injector built in. I don’t have to keep up with a separate injector like I did with my Sof-Sets with MM. That was the only downfall that I had with the Sof-Sets. And the package was bulky. The Insets are like a little pod. They come in blue, pink, green, grey and I think clear.
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I use the Sure-Ts and I love them, not just because I’m allergic to Teflon :wink: The drawback is they only come with short tubing, so if you want long tubing, you have to buy Sils for the tubing.

I use the quick sets…only type I have ever used although I have only been pumping for a little over a year

I used the Insets from September 2006 (when I started on the pump) up until about a week ago. Lately, my resistence has been really high & I kept “blowing out” with them (Insulin everywhere because my absorption was bad). I switched to the comforts which of course I have to insert manually & was a bit intimidating at first but now I love them. I am having some issues with them getting sore or itchy, about 2 days in (but I only keep them in for 3 days anyway).

I’m using the Animas 2020 Pump and I’ve tried both the INSETS and the COMFORTS that came with the pump. I like the INSETS because of the built in applicator (pod) and they are very comfortable to wear.

Hi! I have 2 favorite infusion sets and with my Minimed722, I alternate between the two based on my moods :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like the Silhouettes, and the Insets the most… and i’ve tried a few, including the cleo, and the quickset as well, which i did not care for at all.

i always like to tell people about this special reservoir available through that makes the Insets and other luerlock connection infusion sets work with minimed paradigm pumps… since minimed will tell people that they can only use their propriatary connection infusion sets… and this is not true! … check it out for yourself… if you have a minimed pump and would like to use different infusion sets than those offered by minimed, say, like an Inset for instance that uses luerlock connection, i’m here to tell you that YOU CAN! … I do!

the Insets are SOOooo easy and FAST to use, easy to wear, and most of all if you travel, the pods are easy to just toss into your luggage and you don’t have to worry about it getting smashed since they’re well packaged. also… never worry about bringing with you a seperate insertion device or accidentally losing it because the Inset is an all in one!. and who can beat that these cool sets come in colors… now that’s style! :slight_smile: i really love them.

my silhouettes come in second place. I like to have the option of a slanted set because of the different locations it allows me to put my site. depending on where you put it, silhouettes may be more comfortable than other straight in sets.

I, too, love the inset. It’s my fav because after so many years I am still a wimp when it comes to inserting my infusion set, and this makes it so easy. I used the cleo for a long time, but I got to the point where I was pushing it in too slowly (because of the wimpiness), and it hurt more than it should have. With the inset I know that the insertion is going to be quick, and therefore relatively painless. As mentioned by Midnight, the pods are great for travel, and I put my used tubing back in the pod before I throw it out so nobody gets poked when sorting my trash.

the insets ARE great. i use them for my son, who is five. the only problem is we are running out of places to put them. right now we are alternating between belly and backside, but he has grown taller and thinner and there is NO fat on his sides, only a little bit around his belly button. this worries me!! i don’t want to go back to the comfort ones either, i swear they would just go right THROUGH him these days, the needles are so long! he is only 40 lbs! :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that angled infusion sets can be a better option for people with low body fat. I wouldn’t know since that has never been a problem of mine. :slight_smile: After a quick google search, it looks like animas makes an angled infusion set (the inset 30), but it doesn’t have the nifty insertion pod of the regular inset. I’m sure that little push release pod comes in handy with a young one.

I use the angled infusionsets and I have had a problem with the cannula going into the skin.Sometimes I only get the cannula in only a centimeter deep.My CDE said that if I were a heavier person that could pose a problem with absorption.I will try the 90 degree inserts next time.

I use the Comfort Short. They work fine for me, no problems at all, and are relatively inexpensive. I tried the cleos, but the adhesive are is too small for me, I had trouble getting them to stay on.

I use the Inset and the Inset 30s. Both have a built in inserter and are very easy to use.

I like the Sure-T’s from MM. I was using the Silhoette’s and I thought they were great until I started the Sure-T’s
Thay are the best in MOHO.

I tried the Quick sets from MM for the first 3 weeks of pumping. I had problems with the needle dislodging several times and I was annoyed with having to change sets and possibly running out of sets before the next shipment was due. Several friends of mine recommended Sure-T’s and I love them. I have dropped my pump while standing and the design of the Sure-T keeps the needle in place.

Hello there MidnightButterflyIris,

I’ve been using the MiniMed QuikSets and having a lot of problems lately, so I appreciate your advice to try the INSETS. Who makes those? I went to the website * and I couldn’t find them. I’m curious to see what they look like-- I really like the fact you can get different colors and the applicator is built in!

Let me know… Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have used the Insets, I REALLY like those, although I have very little body fat so many places I put them end up hurting real bad - I’m going to try the Inset 30’s, though, as soon as they come in the mail! I’m really excited about maybe having an set that I can use again! :slight_smile: