Infusion sets

i think i have found the infusion set that i like the best. i have tried the Inset II, both the 6mm and 9mm. the Contact-detach, and the Inset 30. i have to say that i do not mind any of them, once they are in. i did have a little trouble with the Inset 30, but that is a story for another day. out of them all, the Contact-detach seems to be my favourite. the first one i tried, was on the day i went for my first site change. i tried it at the DEC office, and by later that nite i had to remove it cause my sugars were high, and not coming down, even after bolusing numerous times. i did, however, try it again last friday. it did not hurt, it did not “pop” like it did last time. BG’s remained good, and it is less bothersome. it seems to lay flatter than the others do. even though it has the extra piece, it still seems flatter and “less” than the others. not sure if you get what i mean by “less”. when you have small kids hanging off you each day, it is good to have a) a site that come away from you without necessarily pulling out the site, and b) one that is tight to the skin, so little hands and bums don’t feel it! i carry my granddaughter around sometimes, and she can always tell where the site is. she needs to look and poke, but with the contact-detach, she is less likely to notice it. she does notice the pump itself, no matter where i try to hide it! once she finds it, and gives it the once-over, she generally leaves it alone. for this i am thankful!
so friday, when i see my ladies at the DEC, i will let you know how the BG’s have been, and what, if any changes i make to my basals, and ISF. i think perhaps, because of working evenings, i may need some adjustments for around dinner time. between 4 and 6 is the busy time, getting my daughter to work, trying to get dinner together, eat and get to work by 6pm. lows have been happening around that time. a couple in the early morning, but not too many or too bad. i will keep you posted, wish me luck! talk soon!