Infusion site bruising / soreness

Please, please, please let this be something that's no big deal.

I just started pumping a week and a half ago with the Omnipod. I absolutely love it. BIG TIME!

However... I'm getting soreness and a bruise at every infusion site. I've only put it on my top and side thigh so far, as I really like that site -- I completely forget it's there.

That is, until about the 24-36 hour mark, by which time the spot where the cannula is is getting increasingly tender, a little itchy, and when I change pods the old site always has a bruise that takes 2-3 days to completely heal. The bruised area is tender for a day or so as well. Here's a picture of the last site, 24 hours after the pod was removed (bruise is left of center):

Does anyone recognize this? It happens every time.

I’m thinking it’s because the site is pretty lean, and because the skin there is constantly stretching and compressing from walking/sitting/etc., the cannula is moving around and irritating the subcutaneous tissue.

I am having very good results with insulin delivery, so this isn’t interfering with function. However, I thank God I’m a Omnipod two-dayer, 'cause by the time I get to 48 hours, I’m ready for a site change from tenderness.

I’m going to try the back of my arm for the next change tomorrow, and see if I have a different outcome. I’ve had very good results with my G4 back there. I hope there’s a solution for this on my thigh, though, as I really like that location.

One last thing: I use skin-tac to enhance adhesion and, I thought help protect my skin. It couldn’t be the skin-tac, could it? I’m doubting that because I do the same thing for the G4, and have no problem at all.

yes, i bruise too with Pods (only have used back of arms with very little fat) and irritation from the adhesive (adhesive allergy). i tried barrier wipes but they actually made it worse so I just wash site and use IV Prep. I bruise badly with injections too, nature of the beast. So, pick your poison I suppose.

I’ve been having the same issue. I don’t use anything besides a regular alcohol swab to clean the skin before hand and my thighs have plenty of fat to support the pod, but I still get sore and itchy by day 2 and I tend to have bruises left over after I remove the pods. So glad someone else understands, I was beginning to get worried. Does anyone know if there’s any way to reduce the soreness or bruising?

Wow, I posted this discussion over 3 years ago… my how things have changed since then!

Still pumping with the pod, but almost exclusively on the back of my arms these days – for as long as I can remember. Can’t say when I switched to the arms after I posted above. I do not get the bruising, but I almost always get an itchy lump where the cannula inserts. I deal with this with a little hydrocortisone:

That stuff works miracles on the slight allergic reaction at the infusion site. Apply it a few times the say the pod is removed, and the bump will shrink and heal completely within 48 hours.

As far as prepping the site, these days I just slap it on there. No cleaning, no alcohol, nothing. Haven’t had a problem. (of course, if I’m “dirty” for some reason – sweaty from exertion, etc., I will shower first of course).