Infusion site problems?

Today after I took a shower, I noticed that it was really damp around my infusion site. I replaced it, and noticed that the plastic tubing at the end was bent and wasn’t injecting into my body correctly. The thing is I don’t know how long it was like that. It was the first time I used the infusion site around my rear end because I’m still getting some red marks near my stomach. So, has anyone had issues with the infusion site messing up when you do it in your backside? What’s been a good alternate site for you? Thanks. And again I have a T-Slim X2. :slight_smile:

Always found that an awkward place to have an inset because it’s so likely to be affected by body position—sitting—abrasion from clothing and whatnot. Whenever I’ve tried it, I find the thing gets yanked out too often, and what’s worse I don’t necessarily notice the fact because it’s out of sight. Kinda like what you describe. I tend to rotate from my “love handles” to my abdomen, across my navel to the other side, then down to the fronts of my thighs, in a “clock” pattern. Some people are able to use their upper arms as well, but I find that really awkward with a tethered pump.

Do you mean the canula, or the tubing that goes from the inset to the pump? I ask b/c I’ve also found that it’s much easier to get a botched insertion in spots that are awkward to reach, which can result in the canula not inserting under the skin correctly, sometimes just crimped over and lying flat instead of fully penetrating the dermis.

Yeah, the canula. The plastic that goes in your skin. I’ve only been using my abdomen, but thought I’d try a different place. Not sure I’ll try that one again, though. I was in the 400s today as a result.

I have had this happen, 2 times in a row, using Tandem XC 90 sets. And one other previous time, that only noticed after bg was very high, not responding to corrections.

I talked with Tandem support, but no help. My next set I decided to do less “twisting” of the needle cover, and carefully pulling cover off. So far last few sets, no problem. All have been in stomach.

But I try to check cgm more often after each change, and avoid doing right before meal.

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I use my hips and butt all the time. It’s a bit of contortion to really get in the back.
As long as I stay away from my waist band and any part that might get sat on, it’s usually golden.

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Good to know. I had mine a little too close to the waist maybe. I think I pulled on it when I was sleeping and it bent it or something while it was inside, I’ve got no idea because it seemed to be working before today. So, meh. I’ll give it another go maybe after I start using the CGM for a while!

I had that issue with 9mm cannulas. The 6 that go in on an angle work best for me.
If the cannula butts up against muscle it will also bend.
It’s worth trying different ones.