Infusionset in muscle

Could my infusionset be in muscle. I have been having more low bloodsugars than normal. I have a suret inserted in the side of my leg. I feel a little bit of pain when walking. Please advise.

That sounds like it to me.
That is what it was like when I tried the Dexcom G5 in my arm (no fat on my arms, at all.)

I moved the tsure over and upon insertion I didn’t have any pain but there is a bruise where it was and it bled. Even last night after dinner I went low when I never do at that time. I don’t want to have any more lows.

Where did you place the set?

It was originally in my leg. It was a tsure and I just moved it over near the side of my leg. That last one was closer to the front.

Definitely something that can happen with a bleeder.