Infusionset site

I have been using my outer thigh for my infusionset and my blood sugar have been amazing! It is convenient when wearing shorts. I also cut down on the cost of my pump supplies. I used to order Medtronic’s Mio infusionset, now I order from Diabetes Depot. The autosoft 90s are $195.00 as opposed to $215.00. The site connection is the same. This is only good if you have extra tubing as you don’t need to change the tubing at every site change, just the part that connects to your body. This will save me money.


@Dee_Meloche the thigh is one of my favorite sites for my infusion sets. Glad it’s working for you too!

My endocrinologist always thought that I was brittle, now I’m thinking it had something to do with absorption. I still have the odd high after correcting a low , but it’s better.

Is this the same as minimed quick sets ?

No, I don’t believe so. The mios and autosoft 90s are made by unomedical and the connection to the cartridge is different, but the part that sticks to your skin are the same.

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