Injecting Through Clothing

I haven't tried it, I was thinking of it the other day because I was in public but then thought, oh who cares, and just lifted the clothing. I'm afraid my needles may be too fine to go through clothing plus it's harder to see if the needle is straight etc. I never thought of blood, but that is a good reason not to. Does anyone know if when you do bleed the insulin comes out and we should bolus again? I'm always unsure what to do in that case.

I don't use swabs.. a diabetes educator told me alcohol will dry your fingers out. she said to only use soap & warm water to get the blood flowing.. I sometimes use them if I'm out and can't wash my hands though. I don't use them for pens, but I do use them for syringes because I figure the needle is bigger and there is more chance for germs. Not sure if this makes sense. But I re-use the syringes and my pen needles now.

I constantly inject through my shirts. I don't have time to go running to the bathroom to pull out my shirt, etc. I used to try to be discrete, but nowadays I don't care. I'm diabetic and people need to tolerate me injecting myself either through my clothes, or if I decide to lift up my t-shirt and give the ladies a show. :)

I also reuse my pen needles 3 or 4 times.

Wow...reuse pen do you do that? do you remove or just cap it?

I only inject about 1 (max 2 to 3) units of bolus insulin and have never injected through clothing (I am new to this).