Injecting Through Clothing


I only inject through clothing when I am in public so I won’t expose my belly or hip. I don’t want to shock people more than I already am!


Yes. Never had an issue with it.


i have injected thru many bits of clothing, the majority being tights when wearing a dress or skirt in the winter at work and7or in restaurants when it would be a PITA (and gross) to go into a bathroom. no more bruising than doing it straight thru skin.


I have been injecting through clothing for 25 years, since I took a 3 day diabetic seminar. I usually wear dark clothing incase I get a drop of blood. Someone notice a drop of blood on my shirt once, and I said, “Damn that spaghetti sauce!” and it was fine.I’ve also foound that it only bleeds when it’s important, like when you are wearing a tuxedo and a $100 ruffled white shirt. I’ve leaned to keep my cummerbund slightly high…


Yep, all the time! I only usually inject due to a kinked cannula or a blocked infusion site.

I do all my correction shots with a 12G long needle straight into the deltoid, so usually only through a cotton shirt.

I to do them through jeans into my legs back in the day, I changed my pen needles fairly regularly so didn’t see an issue with it.


unless i’m not wearing a shirt