Injection site for faster response

yes i inject into the fat. i thought injecting in the muscle was not recommended. does it make the insulin work faster into the muscle?

I’m a pleb on a forum who read a book once, is my credentials so I would go with the advice of your treating guys. :slight_smile:
They may mean with keto, you raise muscle insulin resistance because they then run on fat and the glucose is saved for the brain?

But seeing you aren’t keto, carbs on the weekend aren’t an issue for uric acid. so my post isn’t a concern.

Intramuscular is faster.

@Thas Wow low 5’s - that’s great - I’ve only been below 6 once in over 10 years. Although my CGM says it’s 5.2 - blood A1c says 6.4! When first diagnosed I did low carb & exercise for maybe 5 years - lost a lot of weight. Couldn’t maintain it tho - guess diabetes got worse and I started insulin - gained some weight back - started taking prednisone and gained more weight - so fighting that battle - anyway - good luck with your diet - your results are great!

Prednisone makes my glucose go sky high. I switched to Uceris, which is a timed release steroid and that does not mess with my numbers ar all.

I usually inject in the sides of my stomach, where I can pinch more than necessary. I inject slow acting insulin into my theighs where there is not a lot of fat. In the car I have been known to jam fast acting into the tops of my theighs through my pants. Beep, beep. I am always looking for new places to stick.

Hi @Robert17 Prednisone is terrible for my glucose also. Started using a CGM, which is not totally accurate, but it does alert me when my bg is going up for no reason. My Rheumatologist said Prednisone would be an inconvenience as far as my blood sugar is concerned - over a year ago! I wish Dr.'s with different specialties would get on the same page. I inject in the same areas as you but it takes forever to work. Hoping to find a place for a faster response for when I have these prednisone spikes. Thanks for the tip on Uceris - I’ll check it out.

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After 47 years and 36,000+ insulin shots I have scar tissue in all the regular places.
Never tried calf though and will ask my Endo this afternoon. Thighs, upper legs, love handles, upper arms and abdomen are scared but keep on using them as I must.


Ever since I started using an insulin pump, I’ve been told to place them where there ARE fat deposits under the skin. When I got a CGM, I was told that that they were only tested to be used on the abdomen.

That’s odd.

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It is odd, I was just instructed during my Diabetes Education Diploma Course of different areas and the differences in absorption but never heard anything related to fat deposits and the instruction to place CGMs or infusion sites there :frowning: yes, cgm´s are mostly suggested in abdomen but some of us have tested alternate sites with good results :wink: