Innaccurate Dexcom readings after warmup?

Has anyone else experienced innacurate Dexcom G6 readings as soon as the warm-up period ends? This has happened to me a few times but I am usually able to fix it with a few calibrations. For this sensor I had to calibrate atleast 5 times. Once at start up. Once during the night because I was alerted that I was 54 with double arrows going down, when I was actually 120, a few times during the day, and tonight when the G6 was reading 280 going up, and my finger stick was reading 201. I calibrated it again and it seems to be fine. I’m just wondering if others have had this issue.

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Yes. There are many reports of inaccuracies during the first 24 hours.

I have this problem. I solve it by presoaking the sensor:

  1. Insert a new sensor 6-24 hours before your current sensor session ends
  2. When the current sensor session ends, move the transmitter to the new sensor and start as normal.

The presoaking let’s the sensor equilibrate before startup as opposed to during the first hours after startup.

I generally try to presoak for 12-24 hours but others can get by with shorter periods.

That’s interesting I’ll have to try that! I tend to have to calibrate the first few hours that I have the sensor in because of how off it can be, and other times I have no problems at all. Its strange when it picks and chooses to be accurate haha. But thanks for this tip.