Inpatient pump start

Nope, I just received it in the mail and a week later meet with the “installation” nurse and was taught how to use it…that was all.

I did not do a hospital stay. The trainer from Medtronic came to the house twice to review the process with me. First visit was learn the pump and the second visit was starting with saline. Then on the day that I started with insulin I participated with a group of people at the Endo’s Clinic. It was kinda a signed off to check if I clearly understood the process of the start and how to manage.

Once I started, it was hourly communication with the CDE. We were checking and tracking my numbers very closely. I was instructed to elimate my Lantus the morning of my start. What I found was the Lantus stayed in my system for almost 48 hours. I was chasing lows for a day and 1/2. Keep the juice close by and check often. Within a couple of days everything settled in.

I would suggest you read Pumping Insulin and complete the training in the computer. The best of Luck to you.

No I didn’t go to the hospital when I started the pump. I did however have way too many endo appointments at first. Check often, that is the key, as always when you take insulin.

I have been in the hospital for non-diabetes related issues, and let me tell you, the nurses were not knowledgeable that is for sure. Not sure being in the hospital would have been that helpful if they were the ones who would do the assisting.

If you are worried, maybe invite someone to stay for you for the first few days.