Cam is scheduled for a 3-5 day stay in the hospital next week for surgery. His endocrinologist has already said to sign a waiver and control his blood sugar myself. I forgot to ask what I need to bring with me to the hospital. I am 50+ miles from the hospital, so forgetting something is not an option. Help anyone!

Here's a checklist based on one that I use for travel:

Humalog pen (or vial)
Lantus pen (or vial)
Lansing device
Test strips
alcohol preps
Back up meter
pen needles (or syringes - if that is how you do shots)
batteries for meter

Back ups for everything

Hope this helps,


It does, thanks. We have had to cancel this surgery 4 times; he gets sick each and every time. He ended up in ICU the night before last time.

Agree with Maurie's list, but i want to emphasize backups for everything. I would bring at LEAST double what you think you'll need. If there's no refrigerator available, bring a small cooler too.