Just a question, Anyone out there used the In pen?

I don’t use the In Pen but do use a digital pen that doses in 0.1 units and it is wonderful. I use Pendiq for past 10 years or so

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That would be great also, they don’t ship to US correct?

Yes, they do ship from Germany to US. They are not FDA approved but I have used these for about 10 years and have 1 for bolus and 1 for basal. Humalog cartridges are available for this pen in US but Lantus cartridges are only available in Canada. I go to Canada to purchase all my insulin as prices are about 90% lower than US MSRP there. Although they carry 3 year warranty, mine only last about 1 year doing about 6-8 injections per day. Forget about warranty as I have made a few claims but tremendous hassle to ship back to Germany for claim

Might be a little late, but I purchased the in pen and can’t recommend it. I was hoping it would work with xdrip, however, it does not…it sees it in the messages, but hasn’t worked yet. The in pen app is awful…no Cgm integration, constant battery draining notifications reminding you to take morning. Lunch. Dinner shots etc. I uninstalled the app, and went back to my 2013 humapen savvio pens. The in pen delivery is awful, max of 30 units, and at the end of the cartridge it does not stop when there is not enough insulin… my savvio from 2013 will at least stop and let me know how much is left in the cartridge… the Bluetooth worked, but the app is horrible…

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