"INSANITY" Day 4 Cardio Recovery and Cardio Abs

INSANITY day 4 Cardio Recovery and Cardio Abs July 30, 2009 10:20 AM

Whew Shaun T must’ve known I was needing a recovery day LOL! After my long night of zero sleep this was the perfect workout to wake up too! Works you but doesn’t kill you! My body was def needing this intense stretch. It felt awesome! I"m glad that this workout is once a week. I really think its great to have days to allow your body to recover and prepare itself for yet another intense INSANITY workout the next day! I normally don’t like stretching workouts either, but this one is different from most I’ve done and I enjoyed it start to finish!

Blood sugar has been great. I woke up at 85 and have maintained that almost most the day. The recovery dvd had zero affect on it at all. So that was good. I also didn’t have any lows last night, so I"m thinking decreasing my long acting insulin is finally working. So far so good with my sugars. I plan on scheduling an appt with my doc next week to let him know what I’m doing. I’m going to have my A1c checked so that in 60 days I can have it checked again and see if Insanity helped or hurt that outcome! I have a pretty good feeling its going to lower my test results! Which will be awesome! THen I can tell everyone that INSANITY, not only gets you in shape, it lowers your blood sugar!

My diet has remained pretty consistent all week. I don’t change up that much, except for dinners. I’m eating about 2000 calories a day, maybe a bit more at times, and my energy levels are staying good! So I think that amount is working well for me. I find if I eat 5 to 6 times a day my sugars and my energy remain very level. Like I said I’ve added in some more fruit and I think that is helping me so much! I admit I have been adding a GURU LITE 100% Natural, energy drink with my afternoon snack. It only has 10 calories and I’m addicted to it!! Sorry :slight_smile: Its sweetened with Stevia and NOT fake sugar, so I feel pretty good about adding it to my diet! It does give me an added boost, energy wise, and I love that. I stay away from any fake sugars! Stevia is my fav supplement for flavoring up things. So all in all my diet has been good and I’m not starving myself or feeling down!

Also on the diet end of things I’ve started writing in a journal everyday all of my recipes that I have invented for dinners. I’m hoping at the end of 60 days to have a nice group of recipes that I can offer people, especially those with diabetes, that might help them should they decide to do a program like this. I think they would find it helpful.

Ok back to work :slight_smile: Beachbody clients to talk too! Love that :slight_smile: Tomorrow its Pure Cardio! Yikes I’m sure its gonna be a killer! I’m READY! :slight_smile:

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