Inserting CGM wire is similar to Thread Embedding Acupuncture?

I had Dexcom 7 plus for about 2 weeks as trial. During the 2 weeks, my sleep became very shallow, and this continued for a long time even after I pulled it out.

I've been wondering why. My speculation is that inserting a wire in the body is very similar to embedding an acupuncture thread. (Actually, given it's a wire, it's probably more stimulating than a thread.)

What is thread embedding acupuncture (TEA)? Basically it's a form of continuous acupuncture. Instead of inserting a needle that gets pulled out after a short while, it's burying a thread at a meridian point for many days so that it continues stimulating the meridian point.

The thread is made of special material which eventually gets absorbed by the body, so there is no need to remove it later. Here is video for TEA. A warning: there are graphic scenes of needle insertion.

TEA is popular in Asia for body sculpturing, a way to selectively reduce fat at different parts of body. For example, women who want to a slimmer waist can lose the fat there without worrying losing fat at other body parts. Such body sculpturing doesn't work for everybody, although it can be quite effective for some.

If you find my theory plausible, next time before you insert the sensor, you may want to consult with an acupuncturist for a good fatty spot that's also the location of a meridian point for your particular health concern. I don't know whether they like the idea of stimulating just one single meridian point and the fact that the thread is inserted at an angle.

BTW, in case I'm wrong, anybody develops shallow sleep problem after using CGM?

I had a dexcom last summer and I couldn't tolerate the sensors in me- I had tremendous trouble inserting them with that crazy device, needed help and they were painful. I had inflammation, redness, swelling and a lump with each one. As well as muscle pain/spasms/migraine. One was in my tummy and one was on my arm. It was also very inaccurate for me so I gave up. I tried acupuncture once and it was also painful for me- the acupuncturist agreed, it was not for me. I'm super sensitive. I don't know anything about the other things you mentioned. I found it difficult to sleep with dexcom waking me up a lot, but somehow I did fall asleep with it on me, lol- but I'm a night owl generally. That is odd that you still have trouble sleeping.... I hope you figure it out!