Insertion Sets - Self insertion - Omin Pod - hoping for smaller pods

So my daughter wants to change pumps from OmniPod to the Animas Ping or Medtronic. We tried the Animas this weekend but it did not work out too well. She is terrified of the insertions sets. I believe the Medtronic has an insertion set that can be inserted without help from any kind of device (self inserted). Does the Animas have anything like this? We tried inserting the straight in set by not pulling it back and then pinching but one time it got occluded and then she was n the 300’s the whole next day after changing it the same way. I think she is crazy for wanting to change but her skin is taking a beating. Also does anyone know when new smaller pods might be coming out? Thanks.

Any sets that animas sells OTHER than the Insets are inserted by hand.

you can use Emla cream, which is a lidocaine cream to numb the area. I’ve used it for 15 years, and I never feel a thing when I insert my infusion sets.