Insertion site infections since COVID

I had COVID-19 in November 2020. For the most part I sailed through it. However, since then I continue to get site infections. Pretty consistently. I have worn a pump for 25 years and can count on two fingers the number of infections I have had. I am curious if anyone has seen a correlation between having COVID and insertion site infections. Its the only thing different in my life that I can attribute it to.

It would be helpful to verify how much site prep you take to avoid infusion site infections. Are you doing the wash your hands and prep the site with alcohol or equivalent disinfectant?

After my first serious site infection, I started routinely showering just before I would insert a new infusion set. I don’t know if that would help or not, but figured it couldn’t hurt to suggest it.

I get site infections when it’s tree pollen season and that is now in my area. I wash my site with a wet wash cloth, then use an alcohol swab, and then u use a tiny dab of neosporin.

The neosporin helps keep the adhesive out and also acts like a barrier to keep pollen out.

It seems like a misnomer, but allergies cause inflammation which gives bacteria a chance to get in.

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Hi John
I think I am careful but certainly will make sure moving forward! I know I might be at the office for instance and know the site has got to be changed …so that could be it. I will watch closely. Thanks for your insight!

Hi Timothy
Thats a great suggestion! Neosporin before inserting. I am on it!

Good, but I didn’t mention put a glob down don’t spread it because the tape won’t stick to it. I will often put it on the insertion needle