Inset 2 9ml user inset comming loose

Happy New Year to all.

I have had a lot of problems with my inset 2 comming loose the, the needle not inserting but bending and lastly the bottom portion of the inset sticky tape folding upwards and only the top portion sticking. I do use a skin prep and think I am following the instructions. Any suggestions and are others having this problem ?

Is it possible you're hanging onto the tubing too tightly or at the wrong angle, so it pulls up the sticky part? Also, be gentle when you unwind the tubing and when you pull off the tape.

I've rarely had a problem with the Inset 2s (9mm) - occasionally yes, but I can always explain it.

There's one of many YouTube videos:

I don't do things in the same order she does, but the prep and insert technique is not bad. Also make sure you are placing it and holding it firmly against your skin before you trigger the device. Before you pull off the housing, press down in the middle to make sure it's all sticking properly.

Here's one I learned from: Again, about something different, but good technique, although I press it against my skin a bit more firmly than she does.

There are lots more videos! We can't see what you're doing but maybe you can watch to compare.

Hope that helps!

How about checking out the Unomedical Website Visual Guides. They are accurate in detail of the exact steps that should be followed. If you still have problems . . . call the Animas Customer Service Dept. They are very good at helping you identify problem areas.

Find the set you are looking for under the Products Tab . . . and click on “Visual Guide” link found in the last paragraph of the page. Here is the link for the Inset . . . which is the same as the Inset II in Canada.

I used to have similar problems until I called Animas support. They told me these problems are usually caused by not holding the inserter flush and snugly against the skin when you do the insertion. Since following their recommendations I haven’t had any more problems.

I had that happen a couple of times too, until I mastered my technique. I phoned Animas and the rep told me that when I pushed the housing back, just before I'd take the plastic tabs off the adhesive and before I'd remove the needle guard, that I should press on the plastic tabs and make sure the adhesive was snug against the top plastic. Also, when I remove the needle guard, I put my finger nail at the bottom of the needle, where there is a tiny spot of un-adhesived plastic around the base of the needle. That solved all my problems with having bent sticky tape and such. When I do the insertion, I make sure the round plastic base is tight against my skin, that the tube is out of the way and that once I've triggered the insertion, I press down for a few seconds to make sure it's stuck snugly to my skin. After learning to do all those things, my problems with Insert 2 ended and it's my absolute favourite insertion device. I've tried others just to experiment, but always come back to it.

Good luck!