Inset removal

Hi! I just started wearing the Ping on Tuesday afternoon- still am using saline. I am nervous about how to take it off and when to take it off. They say no more then 3 days- so if I put it on Tuesday afternoon does that mean I have until Friday afternoon? How exactly do you pull it off? I keep having bad thoughts that if I take it off wrong there will be a problem. To say that I am now nervous is an understatement. Is there going to be a noticleable hole where it was? I am such a scaredy cat!

Its easy for me to say don’t worry…

The worst thing is that the adhesive has the tendency to rip out the hair in the area. I admittedly, do not follow the strict 3 day rule. I load my pump with the average amount of insulin I would need for about 3 days and when I run out I change it. If it happens to be 4 days, I don’t worry about it. I haven’t had any problems yet. I am also guilty of wearing it longer when I was on a fishing trip…

As far as how to take it off. Grab some of the adhesive and start tearing it off. I am a fan of taking it out quick, (Because it keeps ripping hair out) but either way will be fine. There really isn’t a hole left behind after a few minutes. Then it just looks like a pin prick red spot. For me it goes away in a few days.

After you do it once, you will realize that its not so bad.

Hope this helps

Thanks! It is so helpful to hear from people who live it! I will try the rip the bandaid off method! The fear of the unknown is always the worst for me!

I keep mine in for 3 to 5 days with out a problem. I think that the 3 day rule is so they can sell more supplys. as for taking it out like Michael said just get a hold of the adhesive and pull. i fimd that it is easyer if i do not have the pump attached to it.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for your advice. I am such a “rule-follower”. I used to change lancets everytime I checked my BG!
It does help to hear what others think! I really appreciate your taking the time to post a reply!

I would advise sticking to the three day rule. Limiting to three days is an infection control issue. If the site starts turning red or itching, leaks, or is painful it is time to change, even if your insulin is not gone yet. I never change the site and fill the reservoir on the same day - they never line up time wise. If you keep to a three day period on your site you avoid the infection at the site problems. When you do remove, apply a small amount of triple antibiotic ointment to the site.
As far as how to remove. Disconnect. Then apply adhesive remoer to the adhesive (Unisolve pads, or bottles of adhesive remover from the drug store). Let this be on the adhesive part of the set for 3-5 minutes. For me when I change in the morning I apply the remover, then shave, then brush my teeth, then I m ready to pull off the set. Use the same Unisolve pad or a cotton ball wth adhesive remover on it to very gently rub under the adhesive as you gently pull off. If you just yank off like a bandaid without using adhesive remover of some sort you run risk of tearing the skin. Good luck

Thank you so much! I like the sound of that approach!

Maybe I am just a little too laid back. I’ve been pumping for about 10 years now. For the last 3 or 4 years I have tried to stay closer to the 3 day rule but that was because I didnt want my supplies to get too old. I fill my cartridges full and keep them in until they run out. I dont even know how long it takes to go through that much insulin. And my sites well as I said I try to stick to 3 days but sometimes it is more like 4 or possibly 5. As for ripping off the set I just get a hold of it and pull. Now I am a female so I dont have as much hair as a man so that may be why it is easier for me. My sets are usually on my stomach and there just isnt that much hair, maybe a little peach fuzz but it doesnt cause a problem.

Hi Anngelia!

I just took the inset off after a shower! I slowly peeled the sides off to be sure I didn’t rip any skin. It came off very easily- I was so glad that there wasn’t a big hole there- fear of the unknown is awful I tell you!
Thanks for your support!

I take it off like taking off a bandaid it’s not a big deal for me.

I don’'t think the 3 day rule is for the, to sell more supplies. It’s more an issue, as someone else said, of infection control, but also one of starting to heal, and the insulin becoming less effective for some. I can go 4 days, but by the end of the 4th, my site starts to itch. But I know people who leave them in longer with no problems.

I’m happy you got your site off easily. I was wary like you, the first time. Now I just rip it off like a band-aid. We don’t do saline in Australia, so it was live from the get-go. Now, 9 weeks later, it’s so easy.

One thing I do is that I leave the old inset on until I’ve done the new one. That means you don’t go really close to the old site, with the new one.

Good luck!

Thanks! The last thing I want is an infection!
I like your idea of leaving the old one on so that you don’t get too close with the new one!

Take care!

Hi Brigid! It’s okay to be scared! I was terrified too. I just started using the pump about 2 weeks ago!
I am sticking to the three day rule just because I am scared of infection! I really don’t want another problem haha.
Anyways, when I take it off I usually peel the adhesive tape slowly all around then when all the tape is lose I pull out the canula. So basically I peel the tape all around the canula then pull out the canula. It hurts at first because you are pulling some little hairs off your stomach, but you get used to the pain really fast. The first time for me was pretty brutal, but now I barely feel it. I do usually have a red dot after removing it and they last for a couple of weeks but then they begin to disappear. Make sure you move your site around too… to avoid using the same sites all the time.

Good luck! You are going to love it. It’s changed my life and it’s only been three weeks!

Thanks! I am going to start insulin tomorrow and am hoping this gets easier. I felt super overwhelmed on Tursday and then on Friday after I got the nerve to take off the inset I decided to hold off on putting in back on until I could stop crying! I know everyone loves the pump and I am hoping I will too. It has been another adjustment- getting the tubing on place so it isn’t sticking out of my shirt or rembering that the pump is clipped onto my shorts when I go to take them off! I KNOW it will be awesome for rmy A1c and I just want to live as healthy as possible with this disease. I can’t believe how much thought goes into this on a daily basis…hourly basis! I go back to Joslin tomorow and begin the real deal and I am telling myself to try it for a few months and see how it goes. It is so helpful to have people to talk to that are going through the same thing!

Hi Brigid,

I’ve been on the pump for 9 weeks now. It’s the best thing I’ve EVER done for my health in the last 30 years. I don’t mind saying that at the beginning of the year, my A1C was 9%. Last year the one test I bothered to have because my doctor insisted (I knew it would be high, and didn’t want to know), my A1C was 11%. Pretty darn awful for me, but I had so much trouble on MDI.

Last week’s A1c was 7%, and that was through starting the pump, many adjustments and some days I go high for no reason (we’re still looking at why). And we’ve done further adjustments to the pump since, including one big one yesterday.

I want a lower A1c, but my DE says that this latest result is really great, for only 7 weeks on the pump (when I was tested).

Have you read, “Pumping Insulin” by John Walsh? My personal feeling is that the more you read about starting on a pump and using it, the better off you’ll be. I read every night for months - books, blogs, forums and more. And I asked lots of questions. By the time I got to pump-start day, they had a really easy job with me.

You will be fine! Tons of people here to answer questions, plus your diabetes team. They’ve probably done hundreds of pump-starts. The other thing I was told is to learn to trust your pump. Once you’ve got the settings right (and they may not always be what is first set - lots of tweaking in the first weeks, too), you can trust what it recommends.

It will all seem a little daunting at first, especially the first few days and nights, but I’m doing it all almost without thinking now. Really, it’s that easy!

I just kinda pull it out when I started i was really careful and i peeled off the adhesive and then kind of slid it out. But then I realized that it dosen’t hurt and so I just take it out.

Thanks for your support!