Inside Rx discount prescription plan

Following was sent to me this week. I have not signed up ATT.

Express Scripts has developed a direct discount prescription program called Inside Rx. They have partnered with GoodRx to offer a markdown of 16% to almost 80% on certain branded insulins and diabetes medications. Almost 40,000 pharmacies throughout the US (although not Tennessee) and Puerto Rico will participate in the program.
Inside Rx is directed towards people who do not have insurance or who have hefty out-of-pocket costs with their health insurance, such as those with high deductible plans. The average discount is 34% on medications from four large pharmaceutical companies: Novo Nordisk, Lilly/BI, Sanofi, and Astra Zenica. The discounts are generally 40-50% price reductions for insulin, while pills are usually around 20-30% off the usual price. Unfortunately, GLP-1 agonists like Victoza, Bydureon, Trulicity, and Lyxumia are not part of this program.

Direct link to brands covered and prices:

Seems to be the same thing as , prices even seem exact for the insulin I take. Problem with these places is you don’t ever get the cost to go against your deductible.