Insomnia, joint pain

I have gastroparesis and the last few days I have had insomnia and joint pain. My symptoms are different from when I had gastro before. I also feel like my sinuses are full. When I lay down on my back I have neck pain and I can’t relax. I have been going to the bathroom regularly. These symptoms seem so different from what I had before. Help!

It sounds to me like you are suffering from wide-spread inflammation. If you blow your nose and nothing comes out but your sinuses still feel full, it’s inflamation and not because of infection.

The reason for the inflammation coujd be a number of things.

Any swelling in joints?

No, but I believe it is my gastrparesis acting up. It normally does’nt bother me but this time my symptoms were a little different. I was having a feeling of my ears plugging and a little bit of nausea but my sugars were okay and I was still going to the bathroom.I gathered that my middle ear was causing the nausea. Then I also had insomnia. For 3 days I just couldn’t relax.The only other thing I could think of was that it was gastro. So I am taking steps to get better. 2 domperidone instead of 1 a day, ginger with my meals, eating small amounts of food, eliminating fiber and I am also doing a stomach exercise to strengthen my abdominal muscles.

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