“Invention is ten percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.” - Thomas Edison.

The notable characteristic of the diabetics who inspire me is the amount of work they put into advocating for diabetics and promoting their message. It’s unfathomable. I suspect that they put in the work as means of controlling their blood sugar.

Inspiration doesn’t just sit around. It propels us to do something. These diabetes bloggers propel me towards different ends.

Jenny Ruhl, author of “Blood Sugar 101” ( inspires me to take control of my medical education and learn something beyond what my doctor tells me. “Oh, really, doctor? Well what about THIS?”

Bill “1happydiabetic” Woods ( inspires me to keep a sense of humor. “A Type 1, a Type 2 and a LADA walk into a bar . . .”

Manny Hernandez of inspires me to engage in community with my brother and sister diabetics. “Everybody into the pool!”

Amy Tenderich of inspires me to keep on keeping on. One blogger crying out in the wilderness gains influence and support through sheer persistence. Plus I’ve got a crush on her.

Too bad Amy’s already taken, LOL!! But I enjoy her blog, too! :slight_smile:

I used to follow Melissa’s “Sweetblood” blog (, subtitled “Scribblings of a real girl with a real disease”, but she took some long hiatuses from blogging, and hasn’t posted since the end of 2007. I can understand why; blogging requires a real commitment, and she was just adopting a child at the time the blog ended. It’s a shame… some of these blogs develop real followers, and when the people disappear, we wonder what happened. But out of respect for her privacy, maybe it’s better that way.