Insulet and Dexcom are no longer in a relationship

Just curious what this has to do with Animas!

You are right, absolutely nothing! I meant to post in the Dexcom group. Sorry!

Oh, no problem; I was just wondering!

Crazy! Animas does have a relationship with Dexcom. It means Animas is the only kid on the playground with Dexcom now.

Dexcom is also working with Tandem.

Working with on paper. No clinical trials yet.

My opinion, fwliw: it's not worth spending a ton of time worrying about CGM/pump integration. Based on the CES video someone linked to here (search for Dexcom CES on google), Dexcom is working on getting rid of the receiver, and letting people use their phones instead. Should eliminate the need for pump/CGM integration, other than the possibility of fewer button clicks to dose based on the CGM (which we're not supposed to do anyway :)).