Insulet can't count

So I started the pod last September, I always call Insulet when I am running low on pods to check when my shipment is coming, and it seems that if I didnt call I would be screwed waiting on pods because I ran out 2 weeks ago. I get 30 pods for 90 days, I change it every 3 days and if you do the math, that equals running out before I get sent more. They tell me if I am using more pods I need to have my doctor up my perscription, but I’m not using more pods or changing before 3 days is up. 30 pods just does not cover 90 days…They then dont ship the next supply so they will arrive on day 90 but they ship it on or around day 90. Does this make sense to anyone?

My last shipment I recieved August 10 by rush delivery

I currently have 6 pods left.

Just put a new pod on today

Don’t feel alone, Am in the same situation here! They send me 15 infusion sets for a month,while I change every 2 days. If I had a bad site or so, I will be in trouble! However one time I just called them and order a box of sets which had like 10 of them for $150. Just to have extra box for backup.

But I used them over time, now I did order my monthly supplies (which should arrive within this week) and I believe I have like 4 or 5 sets!!

Basically what I do, is just add an extra day, if the site was good. later on I will have couple extras. Also I try to call my supplier company at the same time every month!

Yes it makes sense. The math works, but it cuts it too close. There should be a grace period of some sort. “On or about” really doesn’t cut it when you are dealing with something your life/health is dependent upon.