Insulet does it again!

My love/hate relationship with Insulet goes on still! I had been receiving WAY too many shipments of PODs so I called Insulet and cancelled the "auto - ship" program, then they started billing me for six cases of pods! I called them again explaining that I would NOT pay for unordered merchandise, this meant nothing to them, as I received yet ANOTHER BILL two days later! So, I sent a letter and copied my lawyer explaining the entire situation. They then CALLED ME and the rep on the phone (unfortunately I didnt write his name down) explained that my account would be settled if I just mail ONE FULL CASE BACK TO INSULET. I agreed I would do that (against my Lawyers advice) but they would have to mail me a shipping label. The rep agreed. This was two months ago and I have yet to receive the shipping label. Just received another bill from these morons yesterday. I am just going to use up the pods that I have then its back to MDI.