Insulin and insomnia?

I have been experiencing insomnia recently. I can’t get to sleep for hours, and nothing seems to help. It occurred to me that the insomnia started two weeks ago when I began adding a dose of Levemir at night. This was an extra dose, not splitting my daily dose. Last night I skipped the night time shot and had no problem getting to sleep. Has anyone else experienced insomnia after changing their insulin routine?

I didn’t experience it when I changed my insulin, but I’ve noticed recently that if I’m controlling my sugars too tightly (in other words, on those rare occasions when they’re supposed “good”), I can never sleep properly. Is it possible that maybe the change in your insulin routine has left your levels a bit lower than they would usually be when you’re going to sleep, and maybe it’s taking you a while to get used to that?

I think that’s probably true. I certainly used to sleep more when my BG levels were higher. I also usually find a piece of toast in the middle of the night will help me get to sleep. I have tried testing in the night and I don’t seem lower than usual- mid 90s- but I imagine it’s possible that I’m having some counter-regulation going on.