Insulin and Weight Gain

@DebraJ You mentioned a severe illness that damaged your pancreas and liver. Have you had a C-peptide test since your numbers shot up? Not only can illness damage your liver and pancreas but some medications can too.

I know steroids can damage both and some people end up getting what they call type 3 some of the time. That means the pancreas is damaged and stops making some or all insulin. That could explain the sudden change. Sometimes function comes back but sometimes not.

If your C-peptide hasn’t been tested since you might want to get it tested again. Just a thought just in case.

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Given you are already on very low carb. you also need to watch protein intake, that will add weight and uses half the insulin of carbs per gram. 60g female and 90g male would be the max for sedentary intake on low carb to lose weight.
I would ask about adding Ozempic GLP-1. It reduces insulin resistance, through a few mechanisms and is weight loss. It should also help you reduce the insulin dose. The other med that can be added as well is a SGLT2, that sheds glucose in urine. SGLT2 is ok if you have enough of your own pancreas output left, it’s not for T1. It would be really good if you could reduce the insulin load on your system. Can you take metformin? that will also help. These 3 meds can be taken with insulin, as none are hypo inducing.

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Yes I call it insulin chasing when people use insulin to balance out their bad food choices lol. I am on ozempic and jardiance as a combination. And I love them both. No side effects. I am also on a pump with dexcom because I am type 1 LADA. The short acting humalog in my pump added to my ozempic and jardiance has been the only way my diabetes can stay controlled.

BoBa TeA I am NOT an insulin chaser. Others on here have given me excellent information, but you don’t what the frack you’re talking about. Perhaps you’re faking your type 1 LADA for all we know. Right?

Thanks again for excellent information, jack16. I talked to my Endocrinologist yesterday and she is planning to add Ozempic to my treatment plan. She’s hoping to discontinue the Tresibsa as I’m getting quite hypoglycemic in the early morning hours. I was warned by my doctor to watch my protein intake just as you have suggested. I’m hoping that I can reduce the insulin load over time.

Thanks again to all of you who responded to my posts. I lost my cool with someone, so I won’t be posting again. (I guess this is why I don’t usually join forums except those related to my serious hobbies.) Take care all and be well.

I didn’t say you were. I was replying to someone else who mentioned it. So I’m not sure why you’re getting defensive. And what does my diagnosis have to do with anything? And why the hell would I fake a diagnosis?

My apologies, BoBa TeA.


It’s easy to misunderstand in the written word. We also don’t know whether someone is just having a bad day. So I never take anything seriously on the internet.


Thanks for the links. I’ll check it out.