Insulin Aspart to treat insulin allergy

Does anyone have info or personal experience with an insulin allergy? I have read that insulin aspart can be used with success for people with an insulin allergy. I have also read that there are highly purified forms of insulin that could also be of use. My allergy is systemic (anaphylactic) and severe. My Endocrinologist says that I might have to undergo desensitization, but I don’t think that will work. An alergist tried desensitization for regular allergies and I went into anaphylactic shock X3. I have never tried insulin aspart. I would prefer to be tested for allergy against that rather than to risk desensitization. I do NOT have time to be in the hospital for an extended stay. I am losing weight like mad. I have lost 55 pounds to date. Thanks for any help!

Devastating News! I just checked my messages from Friday and my endocrinologist left a message saying my test results show I am a latent Adult Type 1 diabetic! My allergy to insulin is severe! What do I do now? What if I can’t take ANY insulin? Do I just die?