Insulin Bottle Ornaments 2009

I’ve share before that I make Christmas ornaments out of my empty insulin bottles. Here is this year’s edition!!! That is glitter inside of them.

Too cute!

Very cool x x x

those are so adorable! is it very hard to get the label and top part off?

Are these bigger than normal bottles? I cannot tel the scale because of the light, whihc looks so much bigger than what I woudl imagine for a bottle that size?

rick phillips

They’re great! So festive & colorful. Love them. Do you have pics of previous ornaments?

I love them. I would love to see what your previous year ornaments looked like. I am a Girl Scout Leader and need ideas for Christmas ornaments for my girls.

I love them…so pretty!

i like this year’s the best!! very cute!!

They are so beautiful. I want to do them this year. Where do you find the corks?

You have more guts than me :-). I've broken a couple of insulin vials in my 30 years with T1 and the smell of an open (cracked open usually) insulin vial makes me feel awful - that I just wrecked the stuff that I need to keep me alive.

All that said, I'm gonna try to work up the guts/bravery to intentionally pry open a bottle and decorate similarly, you gave me the courage, thanks!!!

haha. I can honestly say that it has never occurred to me to do this. They’re cute! If I had known about this when I was diagnosed, I could have probably made enough ornaments over the years to fill my tree, my parents’ tree, and several friends’ and relatives’ trees! :wink:

wow! how cool.very nice. thanks for sharing.

So festive!

I was obviously bored one day and was thinking what a waste throwing vial after vial away. Anyway what says gay diabetic better than a row of rainbow coloured insulin vials.

So cute:) and a great idea:)

Now that is a darling idea!

I’ll never look at my empty Lantus bottles the same way. ;0)

No photoshop, I used food colouring in water. Used a syringe to inject the coloured water in and suck the air out.

How far can you go on 60,000 units?...these 60 bottles represent a small portion of my life.
so many breaths of air
so many heart beats
so many days
so much sadness
so much happiness
number 61 will just take me a little farther down the road.....

I have been collecting insulin bottles for some time...I don't know why, some days when I look at them I'm sad, but some days they seem like a accomplishment...again I don't know why. I save them.. :-)

That's pretty unique. Nice way to turn a medicine body into a positive. My first thought when I read your post was "Yuck, I don't want to think about insulin on christmas" But when I saw the picture I was uplifted.