Insulin Choice

Hello! We've been using Apidra in my daughter's Ping and have liked it. However, insurance will no longer cover Apidra so we have to use Novolog or Humalog. She's six. Anyone want to tell me what works well in their pump, particularly in the Animas Ping? Thanks!

Hi Mikki’s Mama. My son uses a tandem tslim but for what it’s worth we use humalog and do not have any issues.

I think any insulin will work with the pump it’s an issue with how well it works on your son we have to change my daughters insulin to novolog to humalog and our endo nurse said it would be fine with the pump it’s just going to maybe change some of her numbers to her pump

My daughter swaps between both humalog and nova log without issues. Humalog is more insurance friendly

We made the switch from Humalog to novalog without issue as well.

Good luck -

We have used Humalog, Novolog and Apidra in my daughter's Animas Ping without issue. We prefer Apidra but Humalog would be our second choice.

We've used Novolog in our Ping for over 4 years for our now 8-year-old, and then switched to Humalog about 9 months ago when our insurance switched. Both have worked just fine with very little noticeable difference.