Insulin Coverage Novolog ,Apidra for 2017 in the US

For anyone using Express Scripts or CVS as the Rx provider you should note that there are proposed changes to the insulin that is covered.

I love Apidra as it acts fast and stays to keep my highs in check…looks likes I’m going to battle…

update? I posted a similar post, almost re: Novolog and Apidra. Wish Blue Cross would let me back on Apidra. After one week on Novolog, I think I’m going to call and email the entire company tomorrow b/c Novolog is not Apidra, and it isn’t working for me.

2017 is the second year that my pharmacy benefit manager, CVS/Caremark, gave priority to Novolog. I experience infusion site allergies when I use Novolog and it’s been in my medical file for years. I still had to go through a “prior approval” process to get my usual supply of Apidra. It went through but not without a lot of phone calls and the usual miscommunication with the doctor’s office and pharmacy.