Insulin for a non-diabetic? Some people are STUPID!

So, I was looking for one of those handy A1C–>BG converters, and stumbled across this beauty: This gentleman is of the theory that one’s BG should never ever exceed 100, because if it does, you’re knocking precious seconds off your life. He believes that you should keep your sugar at 70. To ensure this, he uses Lantus and Humalog. Personally, when I see my sugar at 70, I run - not walk - to the nearest carb source.

A “normal” A1c of 5, according to him, corresponding to a 101 average BG, is high.

I believe the man is an idiot of epic proportions, but perhaps I’m being unfair (to idiots, that is.)


– Dov

What!!! This guy is (sorry) crazy! He has a working pancreas, but that’s not good enough? That kind of makes me mad. God gave him a perfectly working pancreas, but he isn’t satisfied. Gosh. Sorry, but that’s stupid. Plus, my goal for my BG is 100. When it’s 70… I go eat something!

Maybe he should donate his pancreas and get on a pump and cgm!!! Someday I wish stupidity was painful. Oh he is a walking future darwin award winner!!!

It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who wants to smack this guy around. You don’t want to use your pancreas? Fine! We can trade! I’ll throw in some GAD65 antibodies, G-d knows I have enough of them laying around.

Perhaps it makes me a really rotten person, but I’d love to find out that he dropped dead from all the stuff he’s injecting in his body - I believe he’s also using HGH and testosterone.

Hey Dov,
I don’t think you are a rotten person. Still I wouldn’t wish anyone to die, even if they are doing such risky things.

Perhaps you could contact him and let him know how dangerous “playing” with insulin can be.

I totally agree with you. I think that this person is delirious from his low blood sugar. He needs to go eat some carbs.

There’s a fine line between wishing someone dead and not being unhappy about it, but I see your point. Permit me to restate using the talmudic story of the man who prayed for certain bullying sinners to die, and his wife told him, “don’t pray for them to die, but rather for their sins to die!” He should very swiftly see the light and realize that he’s mucking around where he shouldn’t be, and it’s just a question of when, not if, he’s going to have a major problem.

He’s allegedly been doing this for years based on Dr. Bernstein’s work, so I don’t think my suggestions will carry much weight - after all, it’s been approved by an MD!

Probably what we’d all do . . . yell two words, only one of which I can say in a community forum!

This poor man is a little delirious and I agree with Sarah… I do wonder what he’d do with a REAL high? I’ve hit 500 before. He’d probably faint. Someone should talk to him / contact him. He’s doing more damage than he knows!

BTW. I’ve been told by numerous doctors that consistency is the best. Even if your A1C runs at 7, time and time again, that is far better than going high to low. Consistency counts in our game of life!

Hmmm… perhaps we should make sure his works for future generations… you know… as an example… of… (wait for it)


ignorance is bliss…

This is so ridiculous it’s a riot. I mean wow, really. I think this guy’s killed of a few too many brain cells–probably from low BS after experimenting with insulin when not needed.

I like this bit:

“HbA1c, (‘H-B-A-one-c’ …”

—Thanks for that clarification!!!

Something about this…the tone and the look of the page really makes me think of the classic Time Cube website! HAHA…

Nuts! I think I saw something of his before…

Wow. That is . . . special. Maybe he needs insulin too?

Eh, I’m not so against him, it’s definitely weird that he’s so interested when he isn’t even diabetic.

I don’t think he said a 5% a1c is high or that you should keep your sugar at 70, but he did cite research that every bit over 5% can lead towards complications in the long term, which is true according to Dr. Bernstein. I’d like to see the research.

But I think if you can keep your a1c under 5% without going low on a regular basis, that’s awesome.

farkin nutz… amazingly…

Whoa, this is scary! No doubt about it, this guy is a freak & an idiot. Even scarier is that he has followers taking insulin, other hormones & heaven knows what else in their youth quest. Sure there’s a heavy dose of Viagra thrown in as well. I’d gladly bop him on the head for promoting such a risky “treatment.” One thing to promote snake oil that doesn’t harm anyone, but promoting insulin & hypoglycemia as life extension is horrendous. Kill yourself if you want to, but don’t prey on others.

I’m with Jaclyn, I howled at the phonetic guide to HbA1c, (‘H-B-A-one-c’ …". And that thermometer thing!

Wow, just wow. That is some quality stupid. I read some of his theories and it seem like he isn’t really afraid of high bg, he is horribly afraid of aging and dying and the insulin is just a way to make him feel in control of things nobody can control.

And could it be that his numbers in the bg/a1c chart are wrong? According to other tables and my own experience an a1c of 6,5 means an average bg of roughly 130 (7,2) and not 154 (8,6) like it says in his chart. Is that deliberate?


He is an idiot.

Age is detemined by growth counters in cells. These counters determine the number of possible divisions of a cell. This means that higher age can be reached by:

a) longer life of every single cell (less counts)
b) division or growth rate should be low (less counts)

He does nothing for a) but increased b) the growth rate by applying additional and unneeded insulin which is a growth driver. Insulin has an affinity to specific cell connectors that will trigger growth. This effect is experienced by many T2 diabetics and is also used by some athletes for illegal doping. Theoretically he wastes counters for growth that he will need for higher age.

Please do not conclude that insulin is bad for you. The side effects of high BG for a) cell life are much worse than some growth effects of insulin.

You are being a bit unfair.

70 mg/dl is a perfectly normal blood sugar. It is only a concern when you have enough insulin on board that it is possible blood sugars will keep dropping into the 40s.

Pregnant ladies with GD are urged to keep blood sugars around 70 mg/dl. Many children have blood sugars in the 70s too.

There are a bunch of unrelated studies linking heart attack to A1c rising over 4.7% which would correlate to a bg under 100 all the time. As soon as blood sugar rises over that level, heart disease starts.

My mom is 92 with no heart disease at all and a blood sugar that stays at 83. She has other serious health problems, but in her case the low blood sugar did correlate with no heart disease.

The problem with the strategy this guy is promoting is that insulin is unreliable and it is very hard to achieve an exact target with it. So that does raise the possiblity of hypo.

But even here, a normal person has a normal counterregulatory system (which people with Type 1 do not have as their Alpha Cells may also be in bad shape.) So perhaps he can do this.

There are far stupider things going on–like the medical people urging people with diabetes to eat 200-300 grams of carbs a day. I’d save my outrage for them.