Insulin for pump through Medicare


Can you check with your endo office and see if they have insulin samples to give you, until you have your appt?

It really should be up to the doctor and you, how often you “need” to see them, not MC. Maybe not all pharmacies follow the rules, depending on how their systems are set up.


I have used TacAway to remove my Medtronic CGM adhesive. Got it from Medtronic once, but now go to Amazon:


Medicare goes haywire if you go to the endocrinologist >90 days. I’ll be overseas until my 91st day, so have to make an appointment at the 65th day, so I comply. Prior to being on Medicare, my insurance company said I had to be OVER 90 days before I could visit my endocrinologist, as a cost savings measure. Go figure. I thought Medicare would be looking for ways to save money.?