Insulin - fridge open

I had a good amount of insulin both long term and short term in the fridge door. went away for 24 hours and came home to find the fridge not closed properly. Insulin wasn’t warm to the touch but wasn’t cold to the touch either…

…kiss it all good bye???


If all you did was leave the fridge door open and the temp of the insulin got closer to 50 or 60 degrees F, then it is most likely still perfectly fine. Or to put it another way, if it’s bad it was already bad. The incident as you have described it should not have compromised it.


Really takes some exposure to 90 degree f plus temps to turn it.

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Definitely not. It should be fine, wouldn’t even be remotely worried about it.

To put it in perspective, overseas mail order pharmacies mail insulin to the USA… It spends 21 days in transit and in customs at ambient temperatures, and still reportedly works fine.

It will be fine!