Insulin Here I Come

My doc finally decided it was time for me to start using insulin (Humulin N). I wish I had started it a year ago when his substitute doc thought it was time for me to start using insulin. How much damage, if any, would have been avoided in that year? I suppose I’ll never know.

I had a one-on-one class with the diabetes educator at the local hospital to learn how to inject. I was given a free pen (thank Buddha - those puppies are spendy!), some needles, etc. I picked up my insulin and some other supplies (Dex4, sharps container, more needles, etc.) and was set for my first injection this last Friday evening (May 10). All went well except I almost forgot to dial in the units (6 to start) and did forget to pinch up some fat. Ah well.

Saturday morning - my blood glucose reading was as high as usual 16.3 mmol/l. A little background - my BGs were running high (10-12) but not that high until recently. I think my meds gave up the ghost. Anyway, I was told to wait every three days to up the insulin by 2 units until my morning BG was 7 or below. Today, Sunday, my morning reading was 14.8. Sigh. I’m not going to wait another day, I’m going to up it to 8 units with tonight’s shot.

In other news I finally had an eye exam for new glasses about a month ago. Yay new glasses! BUT the examiner noted that she saw a haemorrhage in my right eye. Between this ‘n’ that I’m way over due for my twice-yearly eye exam. I now have an appointment for June or July. I’m quite sure more laser surgery is in the offing.

So between the eye doc, a mammogram (my first!) and a follow-up appointment with my urologist for the kidney stone I had a few months ago, it’s gonna be non-stop doc appointments for the next couple months.

Are we having fun yet?!