Insulin Image

Interesting... I feel a quilt coming on..


Is that insulin through a high powered microscope? Any more info?

This is quite pretty, but a little confusing. I suspect it is a photomicrograph of stained crystalline insulin. Here is a another picture of human insulin crystals

The description itself is a little amateurish, describing diabetes simply as insulin deficiency and confusing Novolin/Humulin with animal insulins (they are not).

Insulin is a peptide hormone produced by the pancreas that controls the amount and adsorption of glucose in the bloodstream. When the body malfunctions and does not produce enough insulin, a condition known as diabetes mellitus arises and patients must be treated with insulin from an external source to insure normal metabolism. Insulin is manufactured from beef or pork pancreas glands, and is available as an injection for diabetes patients.

Interesting, nonetheless. I knew about this site previously for it’s library of artwork from integrated circuits, but had not realized they had a library of drugs.